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I worry about the state of America's future

Yesterday, I came back from a short trip to Wisconsin and something happened that has gotten me worried about the state of America.

I was somewhere in Iowa, about halfway between where I live in Southeast Kansas and where Mom lives in Wisconsin. I needed some gas and there was a McDonalds right next door, so I decided to stop to get something to eat and to fill up on gas.

I go into the McDonalds and wait for something like over 5 minutes before someone took my order. Another lady that was in there said that this was the slowest McDonalds she has ever been in, and she has been in a lot. Finally, after getting a little agitated, this young girl, probably no more than 17-18 years old, takes my order. I ordered a 3 piece chicken strip meal which came out to $6.71. I gave her a $10 bill and said, "Hold on, let me see if I have a penny." I looked through my wallet and found a penny to give to her.

She had the most confused look on her face and said, "But I already put in the amount and it would throw my count off."

At this point, I have been on the road for something like 5 hours and had at least 5 more hours to go. So I looked at her, telling her that it would not throw her register off and she should give me 30 cents instead of 29 cents.

Not that hard of math, is it? She could not figure it out! She called someone over and he told her the same thing that I did. She still thought that it would throw her register off, because someone else had told her that it would. He assured her that this person would not have said that and it would be okay.

So after all of this, I was getting frustrated and asked her if she could do math and if she had ever cashiered before. She claimed that she has been doing this for a year.

After all of this, and two people telling her what the amount of change should be, she took my penny and gave me 29 cents back.

At this point, I am about ready to strangle some sense into this girl and proceed to tell her that now her register is a penny over. She was beyond understanding and was messing up the next order, which was an employee that needed a discounted meal. When the guy that she talked to before came over, I told him that she messed up and needed to give me a nickel. I gave back the 4 pennies and he gave me a nickel.

I went to go sit down and eat my food beyond words to describe how frustrated I was. It was not like I was asking her to do higher level math. All I wanted was to get rid of one penny in my wallet and not get 4 more.

I told this whole story to Mike and he said that I should have put her 4 pennies with my one and then asked for a nickel. My friend Krystal said that this is our public school system at work. No one is able to think for themselves anymore and figure anything out. If the answer is not given to them by a calculator or given them the correct spelling answer by spell check, they figure that they don't need to learn it.

I worry about what is going to happen when our children reach my age or older. Are we going to have a country of functional idiots? Someone that can function in society, but cannot think creatively or abstractly. I can see why the rest of the world thinks of American as stupid. Our children are more worried about getting the latest video game than learning how to do something like drawing or learning an instrument. The want the easy way out of things or something handed to them instead of actually using their brain and figuring it out for themselves.

I love this country, and if this is the norm, then I am scared about it's future.
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Snakes are an addiction, and I have proof!

So back in November I had one snake. A nice male Dumerils Boa which has his issues with eating, but other than that a generally good snake. Then I found a Splotched Sinaloan Milksnake that I HAD TO HAVE! She is doing wonderfully and growing like a weed.

Then, back in February, I went to a reptile show to get food for the snakes and ended coming home with a beautiful baby female blood python. For those keeping track, I'm now up to three snakes.

Now I was comfortable with this number. All were doing well (except for Khardeen, my Dumerils which still won't transition to f/t no matter what I do). Then a friend died suddenly from cancer, and I took in her 1.5 year old ball python.

Now at this point, my boyfriend thinks that I am a crazy person because of having so many snakes in the house.

So work takes a dive for the worse and my boyfriend, has an idea. I've been talking for a while about how if I ever won the lottery, that I would get into snake breeding. He had the idea of starting out small with a few pairs to breed, and over the next couple of years, build enough of a stock of snakes so that someday, it could be my full-time job.

Over the past couple of months, we saved enough money to buy 4 new snakes for breeding. We researched setups for tubs and we researched different morphs so we had an idea of what ones we wanted to start out with. So a week ago, we went to the Kansas City Reptile Show and bought 4 more babies.

So now I have a male mojave ball python, two baby female normal ball pythons, and a male blood python to pair with my female blood python.

*sighs* So over the course of less than a year, I have gone from 1 snake to 8 snakes. They are truly an addiction. And now some pictures of the babies.

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The only one that is not shown is Lilith, my milksnake. She doesn't hold still well for pictures. And that is my insane collection so far.

Joplin Tornado

There was a severe tornado that hit the city of Joplin, MO yesterday. This is only about 30 miles away from me. My boyfriend and his family lives there. So far everyone I know is okay. The tornado wasn't near Mike's house. They are saying that 25-30% of the building are affected. The whole area is shocked by this because Joplin is the major city in this area. We all go there for shopping, out to eat, etc.

The first reports are at least 89 people dead. My thought go out to the families affected by this.
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I should be sleeping....but.... is my birthday. So I decided since I worked several of my last brithdays, I was going to take this one off. Not because it was some special number, but because I could take off for my birthday.

So I wanted to sleep in a little bit, but my body had other ideas. Here I am awake at some good awful time in the morning, wondering why the hell am I up when I don't need to be and I went to bed later than I normally do.

It didn't help much that I went to bed with two cats in my bed, making me sleep in a very awkward position, and it is butt fuck cold outside.

Leggy dreamer

*head meet desk*

I went to a reptile show last week to get food for Khardeen (my Dumerils Boa) and ended up coming home with this little girl. Named her Galadriel. Yes I am a geek. ;)

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I was soooooooooooooooooooo not planning on coming home with her.
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Writer's Block: I'm just a bill, yeah I'm only a bill

If you could change or create a new law, what would it be, and why?

I normally don't answer these but my friend and I were just talking about some laws we would like to see either taken away or created.

I would like to create a law that legalizes gay marriages, because every person has the right to be happy with their partner, no matter what gender. And by not having legalized marriages, some gay/lesbian couples I know have many rights taken away. For example, one couple I am good friends with, one of them, V has major issues with diabities. She has wound up in the hospital before, almost in a diabetic coma. Her partner, K, told me that if V was unable to say that K was allowed to come back and be with her, that she had no rights to be there unless V's family said so. Now these two have dedicated their lives to each other in every way possible. Is that fair?

A law I would like seen taken away is the seat belt laws here in the US. Having on a seat belt should be a personal choice. Driving along a street, I am not harming anyone else by not having a seat belt on. I understand completely that I am taking my life in my own hands, but I should not be fined for not having a seat belt on. I also understand that having a seat belt on could save my life in some accidents, but not having a seat belt on could save my life in other accidents. There is no way to predict something like that. I think this is a silly law to give more money to the cops in the way of traffic violations.
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My new snake!!!

So I went to my first reptile show and came back with a new baby. He is a Dumerils boa, which was one of the snakes I went to the show looking for. He is such a good tempered baby, very calm when being held. His name is Khardeen after a character in a book.

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Aint he cute!
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